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When her husband dies she grabs herself a homeless man. If you think she's crazy you're dead wrong!
At his end...

Nice-looking ladies posing with photos of themselves as awkward kids
In an ongoing series she calls ''The Awkward Years Project,'' photographer Merilee Allred takes ...


His grandparents' house stood empty for years. Finally he went inside and found something incredible.

A life in photos

Several years  after his grandparents passed away, a man wishing to remain anonymous  made quite an astonishing discovery. For some inexplicable reason, their old house had stood empty since their deaths and was slowly falling into disrepair. Raccoons and termites had taken over the place. But shortly before the house was scheduled for demolition to make space for a new build, the new owners allowed the grandson to enter the house one last time. He was fascinated by the things he discovered in this "traveling back in time" experience.


The interior of the house was filled with clutter. It was obvious that no one had lived in the space for a long time. There were piles of books and newspapers from various decades.


The kitchen was still intact with an antique oven and other charming touches.


In a squeaky drawer, he discovered old photographs displaying the high fashion of the time. Wow, how times have changed.


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