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You put one glass over the door knob and second on top. What happens when someone turns the knob? You have three guesses...

The cheapest alarm system of all time

Have you ever had that nagging feeling while staying in a hotel or vacation apartment (or maybe even at home) of not being completely safe?  Sometimes it's a ramshackle door that doesn't seem to lock securely, other times it's noises from the building or street that you can't identify.

The last thing you  want is a burglar breaking in at night when you're in bed sleeping like a baby. Well, next time you're uneasy about drifting off to dreamland unprotected, consider this easy, nifty trick.  

The trick involves placing one glass over the door handle or knob, and a second one on top. Use whatever size glass makes sense for the particular handle.

Now, if someone tries to open the door from the other side, both glasses will fall to the floor. The noise will not only wake you up but also frighten most intruders  away!

The advantages of this alarm system speak for themselves: glasses are always available — whether you're at a hotel or anywhere else. It's also easy to prepare and very effective. The only hitch is: if someone does open the door, you could end up with lots of glass shards on the floor and two fewer glasses... Though in comparison to what a real burglar could achieve, that doesn't seem that bad!  

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