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This is what your eye color says about you. So interesting! (page 2)



Gray eyes are a variation of blue eyes. People with dark-gray eyes are difficult to classify. They tend to be extreme in one direction or the other: either exceptionally well-balanced or completely unpredictable. Light-gray eyed people are distant at first. But when someone finds their way into their heart, they are self-sacrificing, loyal friends.

Green Eyes:


People with green eyes have a uniqueness and are normally seen as attractive, sexy, and mysterious. Additionally, they are often ascribed a large amount of creativity. Green-eyed people possess a balance of the agreeableness and dominance of  brown-eyed people and the strength and caution of those with blue eyes. So a real jackpot.  


And how about you? Did you find your personality in the descriptions?  Or  do you buck the trend?


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