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5 tricks to use a condom differently. I wouldn't have believed they could be used this way! (page 2)


Youtube/For Viewers

2. Waterproof protection for your injuries

If you're injured and wearing a bandage, taking a shower can be tricky. To keep the bandage from getting wet, cut off the closed end of a condom to form a tube and pull it over your arm. There's no chance it's getting wet now!

Youtube/5-Minute Crafts

3. Wrist rest

When you use a mouse for a long period of time, your wrist can  get stiff and painful. Some people use a "wrist rest" which helps to prevent these problems. To make one yourself, simply fill a condom with water, put it under your wrist and enjoy the comfort.

Youtube/Mr. Hacker

4. Shoe polish

Your leather shoes are a mess and you've run out of shoe polish? No problem. If you have a lubricated condom, you can use it to shine your shoes — the lubricant works almost as well as normal shoe polish.


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