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A camera team showed how one 98-year-old really spends her time. The truth got people pretty choked up.

Endless solitude...

A  lovely elderly  woman called  Mary Tony was living alone in a small house and — now 98 — just trying  to pass the time. On  a warm summer day, a pleasant breeze might be  blowing and neighbors chatting on their porches, but she was stuck inside.  


Every day a little bus stopped at  her door and took  her to the local senior center. There she was  provided with several hours of cheerful activity and socializing, but today it's a little different: there's a camera crew
on site.

When they turn to Mary, she laughs shyly.


"I hope that if  they go home and they don't come back the next day because they're no longer here, that their last day was fun," says an employee from the senior center.

When asked  why she considers her job so important, she simply says: "Because they're still alive. They're no different than they were  when they were younger."


The crew filming them catches the sadness in Mary's eyes and starts chatting with her. What's her life like? She lives all by herself?

"I don't mind. What am I going to do? Where could I go? I'm by myself. I can't see. I can't hear. I can't live with my nieces, they all have their own families," she says, resigned.

The senior center provides  the light in her life: "I can't  wait until  morning comes, so I can go to it. I like it down there. You meet friends, you talk to them, you do something to pass your time! Otherwise, Saturday and Sunday, there's nobody here."


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