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A camera team showed how one 98-year-old really spends her time. The truth got people pretty choked up. (page 2)



What does she do on the weekends?  

"I get junk mail. I strip it and  after I strip it, I cut it up in small pieces and put it in the garbage," she says in  a broken voice. "I have to do something, otherwise I'd go nuts!"


When  employees from  the senior center visit and discover how Mary spends her weekends, they're taken aback.  "I guess I'd never thought of that. After they leave me and I go home  to my own life... what they're doing when they're alone," says one of them, wiping away tears.

But Mary maintains a pragmatic, clear-eyed attitude: "I'm blessed. How many 98-year-olds are still walking on their feet? I am. And I want to for as long as I still can."