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Funny Asian Textbook Doodles
It seems, that Asian people are all very talanted (and weird) from their very childhood. Here are ...

Show me your finger and I'll tell you who you are. One shape indicates a personality with two sides to it!


He lived in this room for two years, but had no idea what was behind his dresser...

What a surprise!

He may have wanted a lego set or a remote control car, but the gift this Californian boy received for his birthday was beyond anything you could buy in a store. His parents had prepared a real once-in-a-lifetime surprise...

There's a big secret
hidden behind this innocent-looking dresser. Two whole years after they'd moved in to the house, they decided it was time to reveal it.


A hidden door leads  up to a secret attic.

It was in terrible condition at first but this boy's parents knew it wasn't going to stay that way.  


If their son had known that such a dark, creepy room was hidden right there behind his dresser, he would probably have been terrified.


Would you want to crawl in  here?


They spent an entire year renovating the room. They had to keep it completely secret though, so he would get the full surprise on his birthday!

Finally the day arrived and they arranged a wild scavenger hunt, luring him with clues through the secret doorway...  

He was stunned!


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