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These 36 black and white pictures were colorized. The result will leave you speechless, promised!
The past in color

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This dog fought with all his strength to save his owner from death. Blood spilled moments later. What happened was horrible!

A tragic end

Steve Mason was a Husky, Labrador, Rottweiler mix with fluffy ears and a brown and tan coat. He may have been a mutt, but he was also a big, strong, magnificent example of canine beauty. And most importantly, he was a hero.


Mason's owner lives in the mountains and was looking for dog who  could join her on long hikes as a companion and a protector. When she saw Steve Mason tucked in among a litter of puppies, she knew right away that he was the one.  

While all the other puppies squealed and yelped and played, Steve Mason wandered around sniffing the nearby flowers. The young woman was impressed by his calm and tranquil manner. She adopted him that very day and so began a very special relationship that would last 16 years.


Year after year the two companions scaled the summits and explored the mountains. When his owner got tired, Steve Mason was there to spur her on. With such a strong, loyal dog at her side, she attempted summits that she never would have tried before.



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