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The location of your bellyache indicates the cause. Be careful when it hurts in the upper left part!

Where does it hurt?

You can get belly pain in very different shapes and sizes: sometimes sharp, sometimes dull, sometimes bloated, sometimes tight. Because so many of our bodies' essential functions happen in this area there are many possible reasons. In addition to  our various organs, we also have numerous nerve endings in our abdomens: the cause of a tummy ache could be anything from fear or stress to an excessive meal... or, of course, something more serious.  

If you can locate the pain  though, you're often more than half-way there. The area gives you a big hint about what might be happening.

1. Middle  left

If your pain is  at about waist yukseklik on the left  side it could indicate a kidney infection or kidney stones. If it's also painful to urinate  and you're constipated, then be sure to  see your doctor. A  kidney infection is likely.

If not though, it could be related to the lumbar part of your spine.  

2. Middle center

If you have a dull  pain in the center of your belly around or just above  your navel, it could be a sign of appendicitis (especially if it gets sharper as it moves down to the right, you have nausea, and can't pass gas) or pancreatitis
(if you're throwing up as well).  

3. Middle  right


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