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These 40 photos are dramatic, even without context. But do you know the stories behind them?
Moments worth reflecting on

Coworkers with Animal Bodies
London ad creative Mike Whiteside has a tumblr called Desk Safari. He ads animal bodies to the ...


Times Square, August 14, 1945. Plus 35 other moments from the past in full color.

But don't worry, we included the original black and whites as well. ;)

Do you find looking at old photographs fascinating? It gives us just a taste of times past, doesn't it? Enough to elicit our sense of wonder: what was life really like back then? But if we're talking about any time prior to the 1970s, there's a good likelihood we're talking about black and white photographs. So you can never quite imagine what it all looked like in person.

With the advent of colorizing, that's all changed. Do these colorized versions of old photos make them more real for you? Or do you prefer the originals?

1. Postal workers with their autoped scooters, Washington, D.C., 1917



2. The Summer Olympics, Helsinki , 1952



3. An English boy in 1945 after a  bombing raid in London. The headless stuffed toy was the only thing he could save.


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