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This simple test will tell you when you'll die. Do you dare try it?
Let's see how you do!

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You don't need much for this great weight loss trick. Fill a glass with water and put some flaxseed in.

I never knew

It's all in the name. In Latin, flaxseed is called "Linum usitatissimum." Translated this means "useful linen." Who would've guessed that this plant is such a good source of energy and so much more?


Thanks to its particular texture and ingredients, flaxseed can help prevent many illnesses and alleviate many complaints. From constipation to heart problems, adding flaxseed to your diet can be very beneficial to your health.


Flaxseed can also be really helpful to you if you're trying to shed a few pounds. The seeds are rich in fiber and good fats that help make you feel full faster and stimulate your digestion and metabolism. All of these factors help with weight loss.


The beneficial effects can be traced back to three main ingredients: omega-3 fatty acids (it has one of the highest concentrations thereof to be found), multiple unsaturated fatty acids, and lignan


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