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She's cutting a Band-Aid apart with scissors, but a minute later you'll want to try it yourself.

Huge difference

Band-Aid, adhesive bandage, sticking plaster… Whatever you call them, hopefully you have a box of them in your medicine cabinet because we all need one occasionally to keep a sore spot safe from friction, not to mention bacteria and dirt.

The one issue with plasters is that they get loose and come off too easily. But an ingenious bandage hack that's taken Japan by storm has solved this problem. It works perfectly for an injury on your finger.  

Want to insure that your band-aid stays on (and looks adorable too)? Try this:


— ずよね〜ま (@ponzuyo) January 31, 2017

It's simple: before unwrapping the plaster, just cut the sticky ends in half longways. Use disinfected scissors and be sure not to cut into the gauze center.

Apply the gauze to the injury and then take the two halves of the sticky part and wrap them diagonally over each other like an X like this:


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