The girl took a selfie in her bedroom. A second look showed something in the background that sent a chill down my spine.
A second glance

Blow on both of your thumbs. What happens next is astounding!
Get well soon

Your hands can tell you these 7 things about your health. My mother suffered from No. 6.
Are you healthy?

34 eyebrow massacres so cringeworthy you won't believe they are real. No. 14 is a serious fashion offender.
Tweezer happy

These are the most beautiful before and after pictures in the world. 3
And time flies...

Do these movements every night before bed and observe the miracle that follows!
Simply ingenious

His grandparents' house stood empty for years. Finally he went inside and found something incredible.
A life in photos

You put one glass over the door knob and second on top. What happens when someone turns the knob? You have three guesses...
The cheapest alarm system of all time

This cage hanging from the window is this baby's bed. Here are 16 disturbing and scary pictures from the past.
Strange days

The mother put the pillow on the sofa and her son burst out laughing! Take a closer look and you'll understand why.
An eye for detail

11 doctors dish on their dumbest patients. No. 7 is hilarious!
Someone skipped Anatomy 101...

When they went to take these pictures, they never could have anticipated the horrible consequences. Hilarious!
In THE perfect moments!

A passerby snapped this picture, when an adorable dog refused to cross the street without his owner
And I'm not letting go!

You just have to have seen these eyebrows. No. 6 will haunt me in my dreams.
Idiosyncratic eyebrows...

This is what your eye color says about you. So interesting!
Here's lookin' at you, kid

Abandoned by his parents, this baby's cries attracted a creature in the night. You won't believe your eyes!
True maternal instincts

Tattooed senior citizens finally answer this question : What will it look like when I'm older?

5 tricks to use a condom differently. I wouldn't have believed they could be used this way!
Safe sex and more...

What can go wrong? What the people in these 18 photos were thinking is anyone's guess.
Almost... but not quite!

A camera team showed how one 98-year-old really spends her time. The truth got people pretty choked up.
Endless solitude...

I never knew chicken could be prepared in such a way. Why didn't I think of this?